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Ballet-based/inspired novels

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Does anyone know of any novels based on or inspired by ballets? I'm not talking bunhead books with ballerina heroines, but books actually based on the plot of a ballet or inspired by a particular performance?

I've heard of Lackey's The Black Swan and Claire Legrand's Winterspell (a Nutcracker retelling), but otherwise no. Anyone here have read or know of any?

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Baryshnikov published a very nice book for young children Because. . . It's out of print, but Amazon has lots of copies available through book dealers at reasonable prices. I got this for my sister's granddaughter a few years ago and it's very timely - it's about people who don't fit in but who are urged to stay true to themselves. The book focuses on children who want to be dancers, but it has a broader message. Charming illustrations.


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Yes. I'm reading one now: "Russian Winter" by Daphne Katolay. Just started it but

compelling. Will finish it!

Also, not quite the same, but a novel called Pyotr Ilyich by Adin Dalton is a good read about "you know who". For the young reader there are the two novels by Regina Woody: "Student Dancer" and "Ballet in the Barn" Possibly these are out of print.

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On 10/31/2017 at 7:50 PM, lmspear said:


This sounds very interesting -- Drosselmeyer is one of those characters that can get pointed in all kinds of directions, from kindly uncle to fiendish magician.

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