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RB - La Bayadere


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I saw Darcey Bussell as Nikiya, Carlos Acosta as Solor and Marianela Nunez as Gamzatti, in Makarova's production. It was fabulous! The Shades scene was mesmerising, the corps looked in great shape and were incredibly uniform in their arabesques. Special mention for Ivan Putrov's Bronze Idol who I was already impressed by and now is top of my "give this man more to do" list. wink.gif

Only problem I saw, the stage looked a little cramped with scenery and people sitting at the back making it feel enclosed, so Carlos and Marianela especially looked slightly contained at times. This isn't usually a problem as the stage is large, but tonight I could see the dancers starting and finishing their solos very close to the wings. But it certainly is a lovely production, with beautifully rich sets and exotic costumes. No expense spared here!

However I was apalled by four business men next to me who left as soon as the curtain went down, without giving any applause. I wish I had tripped them up as they squeezed by me. eek.gif Grr.

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Lolly, to be fair, those four people might have had to dash off to make the last train from London. I do find that nowadays the intervals in Covent Garden - no less than 25 minutes if not more - are too long. But I understand that they have to cater for those people dining in the intervals.

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I heard they lengthened the intervals after the re-opening of the House because people could walk around more and get further in the intervals, and weren't making it back to their seats in time.

I understand people have to catch trains, I am one of them myself as I don't live in London. But I think it is the height of rudeness not to stay to give applause, it only takes a couple of minutes at the most, and must make the dancers feel terrible in their curtain calls when they can see people walking out after they have just danced their hearts out for them for three hours. frown.gif

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