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Nutcracker week 1 casting is up


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Glad you had a great day! How was Scheller's Dewdrop?

Very good. Again, keeping in mind I have untrained eyes, I thought technically she was spot on. Very crisp foot work (which is a must for Dewdrop!) I didn't think she was as good as Bouder (who I saw in the cinema) and she didn't exude the warmth of Reichlen (who I saw last year) or Alexandra Hughes (at PA ballet), but I definitely wasn't disappointed in seeing her and would be happy to see her again in the future.

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Just a few final words about the last Nutcracker: the Mearns/Angle/Peck comboo on 1/3/16. Tiler's Dewdrop was fantastic - as canbelto says, a modern classic. She's got pristine technique, with great energy and fine footwork. She has always been musical but her ability to play with music steadily increases. Yesterday, she would hold a position (say, passé) deliberately long and then catch up to the music. But I think what I love the best about her is that she radiates joy - joy of dancing, of living, of being onstage. She always smiles and looks so happy. I forget everything else.

Sara was a mixed bag. She did not perform her entrance with the little angels well. She was always either way behind the music or ahead of it. Her renversé was absent. Any little jump landed with a thud.. The PDD was better. Sara had long lines, very nice entensions, especially in the supported à la second promenade and in pencheé. But she somehow landed in her fishdive face down. She look extremely tense and never cracked a smile.until the end of the coda. You could really count those 13 points because her dancing looked very mechanical (she did them all ok, I think). I did think Tyler was a good partner. He caught her in the shoulders sits, no problem; for the first one he even exetended one arm. I thought he lifted her high above his head for the first sweeping lift (à la the Russians), supported all her of turn of directions, the pirouettes and the series of chaineés at the end well. No his coda is nothing to write home about and his was probably the least virtuosic Cavalier I saw. But what a great partner!

Danny Ulbricht was, as expected, wonderful in Hoops. Brittany Pollack was also terrific in Marzipan. I thought Megan Mann was kind of weak as Coffee. For me, the best person I saw in that role was Rebecca Krohn.

Little Avery Lin was a delight as Marie, as was Sawyer Reo as her brother Fritz. These two can not only dance well but act their hearts out. Avery was definitely the best Marie I've seen this season, so I'm sorry I saw her only once. Emil José Kelso couldn't keep up with her as Drosselmeir's nephew. But really, all the SAB kids are just a delight and obviously very well rehearsed, whether it's in Act 1 or the Act 2 polichinelles. Parent and teachers should be proud.

Now, bring on the winter season!

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