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Vanity Fair style articles on ballet


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Hi All,

I'm in the process of gathering articles for SFB's Ballet 101 course manual. Apparently the New Yorker article "Ballerinas Wage a Backstage War on Pointe Shoes" about the rise of Gaynor Minden was a big hit, and the search is on for more of the like - informed, culturally astute, but entertaining. Anything come to mind?

I thought of using Homan's infamous epilogue paired with Marina Harss's response in the Nation; perhaps Macauley's review of Black Swan (movie).

Any and all ideas welcome!

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Any and all ideas welcome!

Welcome cgc! There are quite a few forum members who have a thorough knowledge of the world of dance 'criticism', and hopefully you will receive many recommendations regarding articles. Macaulay is much discussed here. ;)

I'm an SFB supporter myself, so more power to you.

I would definitely recommend Nancy Goldner's two short books: Balanchine Variations, and More Balanchine Variations for a Ballet 101 class.

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