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Needed: Pointe Shoes for Art

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I am a ballet ethnographer who also runs a small charity for mothers and children who are homeless. I will soon begin introducing the children to ballet through dead pointe shoe art. Pointe shoe art serves as a way to teach underserved populations about the arts, while enabling them to make the art "their own" through craft projects. In the end, they have a gift for themselves or their moms! If you are looking to unload dead pointe shoes, consider this venue! I can be reached here or at: theartpointe@yahoo.com

Feedback welcomed!

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Hello aelisa. You're on Ballet Alert!, which is an audience site. While there may be members who have children who are dancers, and a few dancers themselves, our sister site, Ballet Talk for Dancers, is for the do-ers.

I would suggest that you write to the "Contact Us" email on BT4D to see if your query is appropriate for the board. If so, you'll need to register there separately, as we don't share member databases.


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