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No Royal Ballet in Calgary Theatres

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I was delighted to see on Cineplex's Dance Series' website that it was once again hosting the Royal Ballet performances. When we tried to purchase our advance tickets this past Sunday, the Cineplex site informed us that Romeo and Juliet was not playing in Calgary, let alone at my usual theater. Using Cineplex's chat service on Monday, I complained that there appeared to be a mistake because Calgary was missing. We know from past years' performances that these performances are well attended. The Cineplex employee informed me that someone would reach out to me soon with an explanation.

Today, Friday, after not receiving any word, I called Cineplex and was informed that it was the Royal Ballet's decision as to where performances are shown. Cineplex doesn't govern which theaters show the performances. That sounded odd to me, because I would expect both parties to have input as to where performances are shown. Moreover, because Calgary's Chinook Theater has strong attendance, I expected that it would continue to be included. After my call with Cineplex, I went to the Royal Ballet's website where it lists participating theaters. I plugged in "Calgary" for my location and up came four local theaters, not just the usual two. So a phone call back to Cineplex. I explained my steps with the websites, prior experiences with good attendance, and sound reasoning why Calgary should be included. I expected that there was some miscommunication.

The person promised to check again. While she was checking, I phoned the Royal Ballet. The person I spoke to mentioned that they have an agency that addresses their theaters. He would pass along the information and have someone get back to me. Shortly afterward, I received an email from Cineplex stating that the Cineplex information is correct: There are no Royal Ballet performances being shown in Calgary. (The Nutcracker is an exception.) Cineplex will be contacting the Royal Ballet to update its website. I am still waiting to hear back from the Royal Ballet or its agency.

Edmonton, just two hours north by car, will have Royal Ballet performances, but not Calgary. Perhaps this remains a spillover from last year when the Royal Ballet wasn't being shown in any Cineplex theaters. Nonetheless, I won't be going to Edmonton just to see this performance. I can only hope that Calgary is added to the roster again soon.

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Stecyk, while you were going through your saga, volcanohunter has found out that Landmark theatres are showing R&J in Calgary. See this post:


Thank you kbarber for that helpful information. I completely missed the other thread. That information explains why it isn't being shown at Cineplex.

Edit: The ROH website shows both Cineplex and Landmark Calgary theaters showing the Romeo and Juliet performance.

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