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Premiere - Le Corsaire

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No comments? :crying:

I think the reason is time constraints. I am guessing that is why no one has commented. Also, less people (Americans at least) follow the Mikhailovsky. Thank you for the clips. I have not gotten through all of them, even though they are fairly short, b/c I have so much going on this weekend. I still need to finish the Sarafanov clips (only watched his variation). They are fascinating for the differences (comparing to the Gusev version at the Mariinsky which I am much more familiar with).

Even if it is not "original" I actually miss Ali!

I am not sure I like how the backdrops are really mainly an electronic projection (film projection). At least that is what it looks like. They have tried that type of thing in opera also and I never liked it in that art form either.

To my eyes Borchenko seems like a combination of Petersburg and Moscow styles mixed together. Vasiliev still seems very Moscow to me. His time at the Mikhailovsky has not changed his overall style. Sarafanov is much more elegant than Vasiliev but there is excitement to Vasiliev's wildness nevertheless. This is what I love in both ballet and opera.....seeing so many different dancers and there are pros and cons to most all artists (same in opera.....all the greats have flaws but make up for it with major pluses that make them unique).

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