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Sergei Filin's contract will not be renewed


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Maybe, Urin would try to find someone who had more experience in modern ballet? Anyway, this is my guess from reading Urin's talks and interviews. Then, Tsiskaridze probably sould not be in scope of his searching.

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Has the change happened? Was there (or will there be) a farewell gala for Filin?

According to the Bolshoi news feed, the changeover will take place on March 18. No farewell gala has been announced as of yet, but the 18th marks the premiere of the company's "Dutch" bill of works by Hans van Manen, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, and Jiří Kylián. Vaziev was formally introduced to the company on December 22.

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That could actually be an excellent program, if this isn't just a job to shuffle him out of the way.

Perhaps a scaled down version of what Millepied has been setting up at POB (the new Academy, an in-house training program for choreographers)? Very much needed.

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