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Casting ABT at Lincoln Center Fall 2015

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Putting Company B on fifty percent of the programs is a big negative for me. So far I have avoided purchasing any tickets to programs with that work as part of the bill. They are overloading the season with Company Bt and to a lesser extent, the Green Table. In contrast, why so few performances of Valse Fantasie and Piano Concerto.

I agree with abatt and fondoffouettes - way too much Company B & Green Table. I love them both (though I also WAY prefer Taylor's company in Company B) but I don't want to see either of them more than once in a 2 week span.

Problem is that even without casting, I want to see as many performances of Monotones as possible. So far I've bought tickets to 4 performances, which he means I'm forced to sit through multiple performances of Co B & GT.

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Monotones II is one of my favorite Ashton ballets. I love it's other worldly serenity, it's minimalism and those long, fluid phrases.

I feel like it's usually cast tall, and I'd love to see Part & Abrera alternate in the sole female role with some combination of Gomes/Stearns/Foster/ and another tall man. Mantei or Gray Davis would be interesting but unlikely casting for ABT - Whiteside or Hammoudi would be much more likely and they'll probably cast Seo in all the performances.

I also like Monotones I. I don't think its in the same league as II, but it's a good ballet and I love the two of them together. I've only seen this cast short, and ABT certainly has plenty of short dancers now to fill those roles. I can see Paris & Copeland or Brandt & Trenary or Kochetkova & Lane with Cornejo, Simkin, Gorak, Lendorf, Cirio or Scott.

Figures the one I'm most looking forward to is one of the few they haven't released casting for...

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