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Ballet in the 'Southern Cone' of S. Am.

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Back in Buenos Aires after another look at the Santiago 'choreographers gala' last night.

Tonight: SWAN LAKE with Ballet Metropolitano de Buenos Aires at a private theatre. So much love for ballet in this city! Such an educated, arts-loving public. Add Buenos Aires & the Southern Cone region of South America to your list of ballet centers to visit.

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Ballet de Santiago responded to my request for names of the three solo shades in BAYADERE A3 + the wonderful soloists in Eduardo Yedro's ESTACIONES (Piazolla's Seasons). Corrections made within my review, post #22 above.

Sorry to be returning home and leaving the 65-degree crisp sunny days...and strong dollar/$10 three-course dinners...in this part of the globe. Grrrr...

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