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Albert Evans, RIP

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How deeply, deeply sad.

I have treasured memories of Albert onstage (especially as Puck and in the Four Temperaments). But my most indelible memory of him is an off stage one. Many seasons ago I had the privilege to go backstage at City Ballet, where I saw Albert in the wings. He had the most amazing, distinctive walk: purposeful and confident but at the same time slinky and sensual. I'm not evoking it well, but I was so struck by how much charisma and grace he radiated, even when he was off stage. He caught your attention without calling attention to himself--a star even amongst all the stars that were there that night.

Such a terrible, tragic loss.

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I'm so shocked to read this right now. How tragic and so very sad. Albert Evans was one of NYCB'S most brilliant dancers; a great artist and, by all accounts, a gentle and beautiful soul. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his family and friends and his ballet family at NYCB. Rest in Peace, Mr. Evans.

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In this Balancing Pointe interview, Megan Fairchild asked Sara Mearns about her career high points, and starting at the ~12:00 mark she talks about dancing with Fairchild's husband, Andy Veyette, in the first performance after Albert Evans died. At about 15:25 she answers about low points by describing what working with Evans and his loss means to her, and Fairchild speaks about this as well.


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