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Tulsa Ballet's Don Quixote

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Did anyone see Tulsa's Don Q? I just went to see it a few weekends ago, and I really really enjoyed it... just curious if anyone else did... The costumes and the set were beautiful, which I believe were Houston Ballet's set and costumes. And, of course the dancing was pretty good. I especially loved the choreography (which was by Anne-Marie Holmes). It was very interesting and varied, and I was never bored with it. There were steps that were innovative, but didn't seem out of place in a classical ballet.

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Thanks for posting that, Allegro. Who were the leading dancers?

I didn't see this production, but I did see Holmes' production for Boston Ballet several years ago -- it was a traditional production, very much based on the real thing. Perhaps the different steps you noticed were character steps -- Spanish dancing-influenced steps.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it -- tell us more smile.gif

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