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Festival Ballet of Rhode Island with Sascha Radetsky

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My old teacher is now the artistic director of this company, and I saw them perform in Providence, RI on March 11. They performed Les Sylphides, Paquita, along with some works by Misha (director) called Loose Ends and Extremes. I loved the show. I had seen Loose Ends when it first premiered several years ago, and it was interesting to see it again performed by different dancers. Eunice Kim and Sascha Radetsky performed in Extremes, which was an amazing piece. Misha has brilliant choreography, and he did a good job with this. And it was interesting to see one of the girls who was in the junior company, because she had auditioned with me for the Washington Ballet, and stood in front of me! I absolutely love Paquita, and if anyone lives in that area, I would suggest seeing a performance by this company. Eunice, their principal, is amazing, with a lot of talent. She used to be a principle at my school's company, and was also my teacher. It was great to see them perform again!

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