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NYCB @ Théâtre du Châtelet Paris 6/28-7/16/16


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There are a few changes to the casting. Scheller is out for the first week, replaced in Tchai Piano Concert #2 by Savannah Lowery. Scheller is still scheduled to dance the second week, though. And for the third week, Unity Phelan replaces Ashly Isaacs in the lead of Pictures at an Exhibition, though Isaacs remain scheduled for other pieces (so apparently this is not due to Isaacs injury).

I would love to hear any reports on these performances!

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I wrote a journal of sorts - as someone who used to live in NYC and came to LOVE NYCB - and still do - and who saw ALL of the NYCB performances at the Chatelet here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/12934-nycb-paris-2016-theatre-du-chatelet/#entry178752

Please forgive the errors - I am a more than middling dyslexic - on this forum you only have half an hour to make corrections - and I was frequently in a rush - as I was working in Paris throughout the period. Still I hope it's better than nothing and I think it says much that of ALL the major British broadsheets - on The Times and the Financial Times chose to cover it - and even then not the major Peck programme. Go figure..

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