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Principal Dancer Departures

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SFB will be losing four of its principals at the end of this season--Lucia Lacarra, her husband (sorry, I forgot his name), Joanna Berman, and now Roman Rykine (see http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...ype=performance and scroll down past the item about the Faerie Queen). How do you think all these departures will affect the company? Who will inherit their roles? Will this leave the company with few older, seasoned principals? The company has already announced its schedule for the 2002-03 season--do you think they took these departures into consideration when they drew up these plans? Do you think that any new principals will be hired from outside?

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The mystery husband is Cyril Pierre, I think smile.gif Thanks for posting this, Ari.

It seems as though they're all leaving for different reasons so, in an outsider's view, I don't think it portends a crisis. For fans of these particular dancers, though, it must be a disappointment.

What do people who actually see the company regularly think?

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I've had a subscription for two seasons now, and used to get single tickets before that here are there (due to financial issues). I am wondering whether Helgi will bring more principals in from outside, or promote within the company. Although most of the corps comes from their school, very few of the principals were from SFBS. Hmm. I know Helgi has a pretty open policy about letting his dancers travel and guest a lot, so maybe that's why they're moving away? I'm not sure, but it could be a factor.

I myself am very sad to see these dancers go. I attended a special event honoring Joanna Berman last Sunday, which was very touching.

Lucia is a very special dancer, and I think it was great for SFB to have such a "controversial" dancer. Those who loved her loved her immensely, and those who hated her really hated her! She dances with great feeling, though, and I'll miss her.

As for Cyril and Roman, they dance wonderfully and I certainly hope the ranks of principal male dancers will stay up when they leave. I'm really curious, though -- I thought Roman Rykine and Lorena Feijoo are a couple -- if they still are will she follow him to Boston?? eek.gif Does anybody know if they're still together?

I know for sure, though, if Yuan Yuan Tan announced that she was leaving the company, I would just cry. She is my favorite. biggrin.gif

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I'll miss Rykine; I always thought he was one of the better classical dancers, and I'd say the same for Berman, who seemed, at least to me, to fit the term "house ballerina" very well, and in a positive way. Pierre was nothing to sneeze at either. However, I'm afraid that I won't be shedding any tears for Lacarra. But who knows-- maybe if she eats enough of that hearty, cholesterol-laden German cuisine there might be a bit of an improvement...:)

But seriously, it looks like they're going to be making a few promotions next year, not just to principal but to soloist as well, considering there are all of 7 or 8 soloists right now and at least one is likely to be promoted. Can't say who though, but I have a few favorites.

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