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ABT at 75 Exhibit at the Met Opera


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I'm usually not that excited about decorated pointe shoes, but Blahnik's version with the bobble trim is so witty. But I was really blown away by Patricia Bowman's 1940 costume for Carnaval -- that's a ballet I've yet to really see, but I'm so curious about it.

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I'm shocked (hand dramatically raised to forehead). In the first paragraph of the article, the Vogue reporter identified the ermine sleeves of the prince's mother's costume as dalmatian. As if!

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What fun! I mentioned this in another thread, but I have a pair of pointe shoes worn by Faye Arthurs that I purchased at SPAC. I chose them out of the 'stinky box' of ballet shoes because they are almost unworn and in beautiful shape and condition. Her feet are tiny!! I want to make some kind of sculpture out of them when I have the time and this Vogue article gives me heart to tackle the project someday!

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