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I saw Jewels on Wednesday, and I loved it! The audience seemed a little sleepy for Emeralds, which was danced very beautifully and dreamily by Lorena Feijoo and Yuri Possokhov.

Rubies: Everyone clapped as the curtain came up for this! This is obviously a past favorite! The mood was so much more contemporary and the Balanchine arms abounded. Muriel Maffre was incredible, not only because she is so much taller than everyone else but because she can really command an audience. I can totally see her as the Siren in Prodigal Son, which I never saw her dance, unfortunately. Kristin Long also danced bouncily, but slipped quite far at one point. Thank goodness she recovered beautifully.

Diamonds: The audience held its breath and when the curtain came up everyone clapped in awe. The costumes are so lovely, I want one! Lucia Lacarra and Cyril Pierre were the main couple. I will be sad to see them go after this season. Lucia was very fluid and much more restrained than usual, which I thought was great in such a Petipa-like atmosphere. The corps' movements screamed "Swan Lake!" as did some of the pas de deux parts. Diamonds is definitely my favorite one!

All in all it was danced smoothly and wonderfully. I'm going to see it again tonight, with a different cast and different seats. I can't wait!

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