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Spring 2015: Cinderella

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A lovely matinee of Cinderella with Abrera, Gorak, and Teuscher. This is my first viewing of the Ashton Cinderella (being too demoralized to attend last year). I enjoyed it very much -- dramatic music (so reminiscent of R&J!), beautiful costumes, and plenty of good dancing for many. Although like others I found the stepsisters schtick overdone and too long. And can anyone with background knowledge of the fairy tale shed any light on the character of Cinderella's father -- why is he such a wimp in letting his stepdaughters run the household and humiliate him and his daughter?? Abrera was lovely. I am so so excited for her and can't wait to see what new roles she gets. Gorak needs to work on partnering and presentation a bit, but I envision a promotion for him next year. (And perhaps then for Royal to soloist as well?) Teuscher was lovely, if not as authoritative and commanding as she could be. Wish I could see Simone Messmer in this role! Of the seasonal fairies, Skylar Brandt was very exciting in her speed, energy, and rapid fire directional changes.

With this performance, this lovely production, and the recent promotions, I feel more encouraged about ABT than I have in some time.

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Yes, I saw Ms. Cope at the theater with her husband and another RB dancer who I could not identify. Nunez was perfection again tonight. Whiteside did a fine job with the partnering and also did well in his solo, except for a botched landing in Act II. By the way, it is clear to me now that Whiteside is also doing a "modified" version of the Act II solo that is easier than the original choreography. Part's phrasing tonight was beautiful.

Also went the matinee. Stella was a lovely and lyrical Cindy, but she came off pointe during the Act III pdd. Gorak is such a beautiful dancer. His solo work looked effortless, as compared to Hammoudi's. Gorak's beautiful lines and crisp footwork were a joy to watch. He's also made a lot of progress in partnering. Looking forward to seeing him in more roles. Also special mention for Sarah Lane's sparkling footwork in the Spring fairy variation this evening.

Grant DeLong was in the matinee. He has gained quite a bit of weight. Didn't realize he was retiring until I read it on the other thread (ABT roster).

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To all you lucky people seeing Cinderella this evening: Leanne Cope just tweeted that she'll be there.

Saw her on the Grand Tier level walking towards the windows. Nice haircut! Performance was stellar! Nunez so warm and gracious as a performer and technically as wonderful as can be. Such port de bras, creamy upper body and musicality. Whiteside also good again tonight,both in his solos and with Nela. At times I felt they were one person dancing. Beautiful! Part was simply the most elegant Fairy Godmother ever! Delicious. Entire cast was great and both step sisters(Easter and Forster) were very funny. I saw someone must have given Marian Butler a bouquet for the final bows, as it was her farewell performance with ABT. Nice. She was very teary eyed. What a nice long career she's had at ABT. Good luck to her in the future. Grant deLong, also giving his farewell, sent a kiss out to the audience. Macauley was also there again and stayed through the entire bows! I think he must be a fan! He looked very happy. How quickly the season has passed. Ups and downs, injuries, cancellations, promotions and retirements, etc. A very full banquet, indeed. I'm looking forward to a bit of a rest, as I hope the dancers are also. Sorry I had to miss the "fireworks" this year, but surely there were plenty of them on the Met stage tonight!

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Thank you, California, for this clip of Nunez in Manon. She is so pliant and dramatic as well. I've seen Manon with three different ballerinas (Ferri, Kent,and Vishneva, I think) and I don't remember the lift triple twists.

Don't know about Kent but definitely Ferri and Vishneva did/do them.

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My two "stand out" moments this year in dance (among sooooo many, to be sure), were the menage pique circle that Nunez did in "Cinderella" (on both nights. Absolutely flawless). The other was Sara Mearns in "Walpurgisnacht' during HER menage and downstage diagonal of the fastest footwork I've ever seen. In both cases I wanted to see them again (and again) immediately after they were danced. I'm still catching my breath thinking about those two moments. (again, among many).

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Nunez was spectacular last night, and so were Whiteside and Part. All three brought out the deep humanity in Prokofiev's score. I'll remember this performance forever.

Yes, me too. I don't think I've ever "heard" this score in quite the same way as I did with Nunez dancing. Every detail was revealed. She's my idea of a complete artist.

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I'm glad her last performance was recognized: the corps won't be the same without her. smile.png

Oh, I agree. She along with a few others always made me sit up and take notice. Renata Pavam was one. Melanie Hamrick. Isaac Staapas, Julio Bregado-Young and of course, Joseph Phillips. I'm so glad to see Luciana Paris finally move up. And Aaron Scott. These dancers (some gone, but not forgotten and others who moved up or on) made, for me, any performance at ABT a special one. If I wasn't really all that interested in a Principal dancing that performance, I could always rely on someone in the corps to hold my interest. I find it fascinating how so many can make a career (in Butler's case, a 20 year one), while bringing singular satisfaction to watching them dance.

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