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Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg will present the premiere of the balle

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Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg will present the premiere of the ballet Up & Down

in New York

On May 22, 23, and 24, the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet company will show, for the first time in New York, its new ballet Up & Down that takes audience to the volcanic Jazz Age. It premiered in Saint Petersburg in January, 2015. Later, the ballet was triumphantly presented in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées, as well as in Bratislava and Riga. The New York premiere will take place at the famous New York City Center, as part of the Company’s big North American tour.

The last time Eifman Ballet performed at this prestigious venue was March, 2012. The premiere of the ballet Rodin enjoyed great success at the New York City Center. The upcoming New York performances will continue the Company’s big Canada and USA tour that started in mid-April. Since then Eifman Ballet has visited Montreal, Toronto, Minneapolis, Boston, and Chicago. The Canadian audience saw Boris Eifman’s Anna Karenina. Rodin was presented in Minneapolis and Boston for the first time. Chicago dance art lovers already enjoyed the ballet Up & Down.

The performances are great success in North America. Almost every one ends with a standing ovation, enthusiastic shouts of the audience and repeated curtain calls. The audience keeps sharing opinions in the social media. ‘Outstanding performance!’, ‘Total perfection!’, ‘Fantastic!’ – those were the comments of the Canadian viewers to the ballet Anna Karenina. They are supported by the North American critics. Popular resource ManAbout MTL calls Boris Eifman’s Anna Karenina ‘one of the most beautiful performances’, and the largest Boston newspaper The Boston Globe describes Rodin as a thrilling psychodrama that is a significant step forward for the St. Petersburg choreographer.

Up & Down also got very enthusiastic reviews. According to Examiner.com, ‘the dancers shine as brightly as Eifman’s creativity’.

‘I am very pleased with how the North America tour goes. I am truly glad with the warm reception from the audience. Our mission is to present modern and original ballet art of Russia to the Western audience and to prove that the language of dance can solve great philosophical problems. I hope that the ballet ‘Up & Down’ will let the American audience discover new creative abilities of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet,’ Boris Eifman says.

The promoter of the North American tour of Eifman Ballet is Ardani Artists Management – a long-term partner of the Company, celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the 2014-2015 season.

The full schedule of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet’s tour in Canada and the United States: http://eifmanballet.com/en/schedule/2015/04

Eifman Ballet thanks VTB, the General Sponsor of the production of Up & Down

About the production

Up & Down

This new ballet by Boris Eifman set to the music by George Gershwin, Franz Schubert and Alban Berg is the quintessence of the choreographer’s psychoanalytic research. The semantic space of the performance encompassed between two oppositely directed vectors of the plot (the degradation of the talented young doctor and the ascension of his wife and patient), is turned into a field for surrealistic experiments. Eifman depicts the disintegration of characters’ consciousness, bringing their nightmares and delusions to the surface.

The characters’ ups and downs take place in the magnificent Jazz Age – the unstoppable feast of life; the era of freedom, sensuality, and hedonism, masterfully recreated by Boris Eifman and his dancers.

The production was highly appreciated by Ariane Bavelier from Le Figaro. ‘Dance is a jewel, expressive and delicate, playing with the classics and Charleston; artists are handsome, beautiful and well-proportional like supermodels,’ states the dance critic.

Graham Watts, Chairman of Critics' Circle Dance Section in the UK, who attended one of the
St. Petersburg performances of Up & Down says about Boris Eifman: ‘There is no better story-telling choreographer around today. His ballets will work in France and America, just as well as they do in Russia (where Eifman is revered).’

Boris Eifman on his recent production: ‘The ballet ‘Up & Down’ is a tragic and bright chronicle of a person’s spiritual death. The story about how a dream of happiness turns into a disaster, and an externally beautiful and carefree life flowing to the rhythms of jazz – into a nightmare.’

You can download the HD images of Eifman Ballet’s Up & Down via the following link: https://goo.gl/IS4Kui

Photo credit: all pictures are by Evgeny Matveev, except the last one made by Souheil Michael Khoury (see the filenames for details).

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