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Cunningham Trust livestream, Friday May 15

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The program was well over two hours long and consisted of an introduction to the dance by Macaulay, a lecture demonstration led by Patricia Lent, a full run through of the dance, more demonstration, more lecture by Lent as she showed slides of Cunningham's notes for the dance, and finally a panel discussion with five dancers who'd been in it.

I was fascinated to hear the dancer Alan Good talk about feeling "terror" onstage when he first joined the company as he tried to get from one position to another. Later, he said, he realized that terror wasn't such a bad way to feel when dancing Cunningham. He got used to it, but Cunningham's work was always hard. I think he may have said it never felt natural. Anyhow, I assume Tisch Dance will put this online eventually as they have the rest of their Cunningham Trust livestreams.

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Thanks for the synopsis -- I'm even sorrier that I wasn't able to watch!

Cunningham never felt natural to me in what Claudia Gitelman (from the Nikolais/Louis world) used to call the "swing and sway" world -- the momentum and weight didn't just flow in a single line. It's natural the way that nature is natural -- an interlocking combination of causes that end up in a multiplicity of effects.

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