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San Francisco Ballet: "The Sleeping Beauty"

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Hi BalletNut!

I agree with you totaly about Lucia in Raymonda.

Her projection of Raymonda was more like

Salome to me. (I wish she takes a part in

dancing the role of Salome instead of overly matured shaped sopranos)...oops there goes my

nasty comments.

I don't know which night you saw her Raymonda

I miscalculate my timing and ended up seen

twice of Lucia/Vilanoba that week. 2nd (Fri) performance of her was a classic !!! that night, there were strong sighs and gasps I heared from the audience while she was dancing the role. I saw Helgi T. was among

the Friday nite spectators (did he sigh? that

I don't know).

However, I liked her in "Gage" unfortunately,

I missed "Agon". I would like to see her (and Cyril) performing Pettite's Carmen

do you think SFB will bring that piece in near future?


P.S. Thank you Alexandra!

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Re: Carmen, I don't think it's high on the agenda for SFB to add to its repertory, based on the fact that Ballet San Jose already performs it regularly, and I understand they do a good job with it. Of course it's still a possibility, especially given Lacarra's influence on repertory choices of late. I am thinking particularly of the additions of Proust and L'Arlesienne to SFB rep, which probably would not have happened were it not for Lacarra's presence and popularity.

One thing's for certain, though. Lucia Lacarra is definitely one of those dancers that elicits strong responses from people: either she's the greatest ballerina in the world since Margot Fonteyn, or else she's somebody you dread having to watch. There's just no neutral ground, no in-between.

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How is Lorena Feijoo's popularity? I really liked her a lot -- she would make an excellent Kitri!! I really do wish SFB could do Don Quixote sometime soon; they seemed to have done all the other big classics except for this one (and Cindrella also?). I also liked Muriel Maffre a lot, especially as the Lilac Fairy. I can see that she would be excellent in some contemporary ballets.

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I discovered Lorena Feijoo during the SFB tour in Palais Garnier, she was one of three girls in Girl in Satin from Sandpaper ballet besides of Julia Adam and Muriel Maffre and above all in Bianca' role in Lubovitch'Othello. She was absolutely brilliant she has peps, and dance very well. We saw her on stage. She burnt the Stage.

I discovered also Julia Adam as well as choreographer than as a dancer in Sandpaper ballet and above all in Emilia's role. She was completely the character.

Lucia Lacarra in Prism was beautiful, she has these long legs and this style necessary to ballets "à la " Balanchine.

Her Desdemona was beautiful danced too less cold than Yuan Yuan Tan and she made with Cyril Pierre a beautiful couple. Only problem perhaps because she is in private life, Cyril Pierre's wife, she seemed to be too in love with Othello, she was not too afraid when she wait for death.

For me the best performance of Othello was Waldo/Vilanoba cast. He had the beast side and the lover side too. Waldo has not the same look than Tan or Lacarra but she seems less cold and in the last act, she was the most beautiful Desdemona. She is loved and afraid what it's necessary.

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