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Joy Womack


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On 8/8/2017 at 0:40 PM, CharlieH said:

Just based on the dancing that I've observed with my own two eyes, at Kremlin Ballet in Moscow, Joy Womack is a lovely dancer. I like that she has a distinctive personality and is not a cookie-cutter swan, yet has always been technically adept in what I've seen. I don't understand the negativity but, then again, I do not follow vlogs or any other social media sites of dancers.

Hi Charlie,


I agree.  I think Joy Womack is a very talented dancer, with much potential.  She sometimes speaks unprofessionally about her co-dancers and company in her vlogs, putting herself at risk of jeopardizing her future.  That is why many people express their hope that she stop vlogging.

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Watched Joy Womack, with her partner, Alexey Lyubimov, a soloist from the Stanislavsky Ballet of Moscow, dancing the Black Swan Pas de Deux at the Asian Grand Prix.  Albeit, the video was a la  Womack from the wings; however, in my view, anyone who pulls her dancing apart is simply not on.  She has become a dancer to be reckoned with.  My hope is that she will tone down her vlogging -- preferably end it -- and continue her career, for now, in Moscow at the Kremlin or other ballet company in Russia.  She invested so much to obtain that  Russian connection.  It is why she is where she is today.

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In her newest vlog (How To Read the Signs that it's Time to Move On), she seems like she wants to move on but is still holding onto the Kremlin at the same time. She also talks about how was has been treated there since she got back. It honestly just doesn't seem to be a good fit, but I can understand wanting to feel safe and not risking losing a job in Moscow.

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14 hours ago, wonderwall said:

In her newest vlog (How To Read the Signs that it's Time to Move On), she seems like she wants to move on but is still holding onto the Kremlin at the same time. She also talks about how was has been treated there since she got back. It honestly just doesn't seem to be a good fit, but I can understand wanting to feel safe and not risking losing a job in Moscow.


In my view, Joy's  problems are self-imposed; and, unless she changes, they will follow her wherever she goes.  As I mentioned, I think she has become a dancer to be reckoned with.  I have seen some internationally famous principal dancers whose performances of Odette-Odile have not come close to the quality of Joy's performances.


Unfortunately, she wears her emotions on her sleeve, publicly airing her dirty laundry and talking badly about partners and co-dancers.  When she tells the world that one of her partners is a drunk, he will not relish dancing with her or have any interest in show-casing her.  When she continued to film classes and performances at the Kremlin when it was clear the dancers were uncomfortable with it, they won't exactly gravitate towards her.  When she publicly blames one of the principal dancers for one of her injuries, that dancer will have no interest in being friendly.  When she tells the world others are jealous of her (albeit, some probably are), that will transform jealousy into anger and contempt.


She is conflicted, advertising her boredom, as she did on the vlog you mentioned, after having previously complained about having to dance a full-length ballet as soon as she arrived back in Moscow from guest/gala/competition performances, at the same time not understanding that it is surely the responsibility of a dancer to fit her extra-curricular activities into her company's schedule.  By the way, that "full-length" performance was Gamzatti, not Nikiya.  Sometime ago, she complained about not being cast enough; then when she received more roles, she complained about being too busy.


The most dramatic improvement in her dancing took place when her coach insisted she not vlog.  Her vlogging splits the focus that all top dancers need.  Her indiscretions are preceding her and jeopardizing her chances, let alone creating an unenthusiastic public.  She will never find a reputable company that will allow such vlogging or filming.   I suspect that many companies now, won't risk hiring her.  I hope I am wrong and that they will give her a chance, with strict restraints against negative public disclosures.


The majority of her vlog watchers appear to be teen and younger dancers, mothers of dancers, and those who love and admire Joy.  The majority of responses reinforce her self-defeating behavior.  Hardly the best audience for professional and wise advice about a professional ballet career.


I would like to see Joy calm down at the Kremlin (the company that opened its doors to her after an episode that could have been career ending), continue to improve, then move on into a principal or soloist position at a top-tier company.  Her dilemma maybe not wanting to accept a soloist position.   I expect the Bolshoi''s doors are closed forever.  There are corps dancers who are better than her at the Mariinsky.  I could see her moving to the Mikhailovsky.  They originally offered her a position, but she opted for the Bolshoi, then all hell broke loose.  As the Mikhailovsky's principals are some of the best dancers in the world (Leonid Sarafanov, the best male dancer in the world right now, in my view), I am not sure whether that door would still be open.


In my view, it would be very sad if she gave Russia up, after all her dreams about Russia, learning the language, enduring the strict and rigorous Russian ballet training away from home, rising from the ashes of the fiasco at the Bolshoi, developing a network of professional and personal Russian friends, becoming a principal at the Kremlin, albeit, a second-tier company in Russia, but larger than most first-tier companies in the West (with impeccably trained dancers as well), and not least, with a beautiful paid-for apartment in down-town Moscow.  Since I have been watching her, she has travelled the world.  I think she is deluded, if she thinks dancing in America will afford her those same travel opportunities.  With a new, professional outlook, I am sure Europe would be an option.


I hope Joy finds a professional mentor to guide her in her professional choices and public relations to avoid the pitfalls into which she continually falls.  Her coach at the Kremlin is one of the best, which, I am sure, is one of the reasons for the huge improvement in her dancing.  Her recent success in top world competitions cannot be discounted or negated.  I wish her the best and hope she stops vlogging.

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On 9/16/2017 at 7:59 AM, Kaysta said:

According to her Instagram, she has accepted a position at Universal Ballet in South Korea.


I wonder if she has given up the Kremlin, or whether she is a dual principal at the Kremlin and Universal.  Does anyone know?

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On 9/19/2017 at 10:44 AM, Nzoia said:


I wonder if she has given up the Kremlin, or whether she is a dual principal at the Kremlin and Universal.  Does anyone know?

Interesting that Sarah Lane posted on instagram that she'll be guesting with the Kremlin on Sept. 20 doing O/O

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Actually, Sarah will be part of the International Ballet Festival at the Kremlin Palace. Starting today until Sept. 29 there will be a different production performed every day. All the principal roles are done by guests (Polina Semionova and Nicoletta Manni are among them, and of course Sarah Lane will be there for Swan Lake next Friday. Lane will be dancing with Vadim Muntagirov from the Royal Ballet).

Anyway, Lane's (and everybody else's) show has nothing to do with the current or future tenure status of anyone from the Kremlin Ballet, so not really relevant to Womack's relationship (or lack thereof, should that be the case) with the theater.

For more info:




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Given her employment history, I highly doubt any major American company would want her. If she did come back to the US, it would probably be as a traveling guest artist like Adiarys Almeida. We'll see how she does in South Korea. I can't picture her being any happier there either.

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Joy Womack was due to dance Aurora with the Istanbul State Ballet this past Wednesday.


Kuznetsova posted a review on the Kremlin Festival last week with the sarcastic observation

that "Sarah Lane becoming a principal shows what a wonderful land of opportunity the US is" !


I regret very much I could not see Adiarys Almeida (my Zaharova Cubana) dance Kitri on 28th

September - I was in Moscow but booked for something else. Kuznetsova wrote somewhat nice

things about her I was told.

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Korea's Universal Ballet is financially backed by the Unification Church(they have the ownership of the ballet company to be exact) so if high salary is what Womack wants, they can afford it. There are several former Vaganova graduates and Mariinsky dancers in Universal Ballet (Konstantin Novoselov, Anna Tolmacheva, Yekaterina Krasyuk). Semion Chudin also had danced at Universal Ballet early in his career. 

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Joy did an hour-long interview with a podcast done by the dance network. She mentions she will be starting with Universal Ballet on January 22nd.

A few interesting tidbits/markers:

  • 18:00 min: She addresses the whole "first American" at the Vaganova 18 minutes in.
  • 36:00 min: Leaving Bolshoi Ballet
  • 43:00 min: Reactions to her videos at the Kremlin (mentions those in the Corp there were often not motivated)
  • 47:00 min: Mentions having done auditions before getting the over at Universal Ballet, which she found humbling. She says that Julie Kent couldn't give her a place at the Washington Ballet.

Here is the youtube video of the interview (also shows her as it was filmed):


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She said she wanted to come back to America to dance (even if it was in the corps) and didn't get any takers (she specifically mentions ABT and Washington Ballet, but I wonder who else she reached out to?).

I think she is a lovely dancer, and is certainly talented enough to dance with many companies in the US.  Was she turned down because they think she'll be a distraction?

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She was in Atlanta and Houston so maybe she tried out there.  She also did an Instagram livestream where she mentioned sending applications to La Scala and the Royal Danish Ballet but not getting any responses. 

I do wonder if she realized she needed to play nicer. This interview seemed to be an attempt to clear the air in regards to many of the controversies surrounding her. 

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There is also the matter of fitting into the look of a company and being adaptable in terms of their rep. I've never seen Womack live. On video I've only seen her doing very classical parts, and in those I think she's quite competent. I don't know how she'd fare going from Balanchine to Peck to Crystal Pite to Wheeldon etc. I also don't know how well she would cope with dancing in a group whether corps or as a soloist. I may be wrong, but to me she always seemed pretty set in her ways in terms of performing. It's hard for me to imagine her working with a choreographer. Again, I've never seen her live and I have limited knowledge, it's just my impression.

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VIpa, that's what I've always thought: that she's talented and is certainly an extremely hard worker, but that she lacks social communication skills, and that deficit, of understanding that compromise and at least some degree of humility will get you much farther in life than an arrogant persona, is her downfall.

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