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Osiel Gouneo to Dance with ENB This Christmas(time)

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In her review of the International Ballet Festival Dance Open from St. Petersburg, Margaret Willis wrote:

Later, Correa was partnered in Diana and Acteon by the amazing Osiel Gouneo. His sleek pantherine actions and winning charisma and her rock-solid balances sent the audience into constant applause. All three Cuban dancers are now with Norwegian National Ballet. (Osiel told me at the party afterwards that he expects to be coming to English National Ballet for the Christmas season – he is a force to watch).

There's a great photo of him by Stas Levshin in the review.

When Cuban National Ballet came to Vancouver, I saw him dance a spectacular Basilio, all big, plush movement. He's now dancing with Norwegian National Ballet. His last name was spelled "Gounod" in the program.

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