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Miami City Ballet's "Jewels"

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Yup, another one; I on a streak here.

Miami City Ballet's "Jewels" at UCLA's Royce Hall, Sat. evening the 13; restaged by Eve Lawson, costumes recreated by Haydee Morales and Maria Morales, scenic design by Tony Walton, lighting by James Leitner. I haven't seen this company in quite a while, and I love "Jewels" so this was a double treat. Emeralds's choreography is so beautiful, and it was a wonderful re-introduction to the company for me. All danced extremely well, especially Mary Carmen Catoya who was pure pleasure to watch. Rubies was fascinating. Jennifer Kronenberg danced the pdd with Eric Quillere. As she was dancing I kept thinking, "This is exquisite." Her steps and phrases were sculpted, fully extended, I can't come up with words for it. When it was over I realized that as beautiful as it was it lacked, for me, the angularity, the quirkiness that McBride gave it. I'm not sure which I like better. Diamonds is my least favorite of the three. It's formality is such a contrast to the movement and expressiveness of the other two segments. Even at that it's a wonder, and from the balcony I could enjoy the patterns that the 16 couple form.

Edward Villella hosted a short question and answer session after the performance. He's lookin' good!


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I attended the same performance that Giannina did; in fact we were only one row and a few seats away from each other. I had only seen the full "Jewels" once before, and looked forward to enjoying it again... I was not disappointed!

Each section of the ballet was well-danced, with the differing moods/styles expressed with commitment. As Giannina mentioned, Catoya and Kronenberg were very pleasing in their respective principal roles; I quite liked Deanna Seay, in "Diamonds," also. The entire company looks good -- healthy-looking bodies, and strong dancing. I usually sit in the orchestra section when attending the ballet, but enjoyed being able to more fully appreciate Balanchine's choreography from the balcony this time. I also noticed that the company is quiet on their pointes (it's been my experience that pointe shoe noise usually seems "louder" if I'm sitting higher up).

Live musical accompaniment would have made this performance even more enjoyable, but I'm grateful that the company made a stop at Royce Hall at all (it'd been many years since any classical ballet was seen there), and that I was able to partake of this quality performance. I hope Miami City Ballet will tour to So. California more often.

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I attended on Friday night. Sounds like principal casting was the same. I'm new here, and not a knowledgeable "reviewer" but here are a few random thoughts.

I had never seen any part of "Jewels" before so it was all a sparkly treat. Although I expected to like "Diamonds" best, the choreography in "Emeralds" mesmerized and the dancing in "Rubies" electrified. The second soloist (with red hair, don't have my program with me and don't recall her name)

was lovely. My daughter (an aspiring dancer) however was most taken with Deanna Seay in "Diamonds."

As a whole, I thought the company used their faces very expressively.

NextStage, I too agree that the pointes were very quiet...seems like in some cases the costumes themselves were noisier!

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Thanks for these reviews -- Giannina, I don't know what you did to Next to coax her to post, but please keep it up :)

Jacqueline, welcome. There are people here who have been going to the ballet forever and people who have just fallen in love with it, and both are equally welcome. I hope you post often.

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