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Miami City Ballet, Northeast tour

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This isn't a formal review, but a word of mouth recommendation. I caught MCB at SUNY Purchase and thought the program was solid and enjoyable. If nothing else, I don't often get to see Ashton and Balanchine performed together, and I got to see Patineurs, Sonatine and the Four Temperaments in a single program, which makes it worth the evening for me.

I think they're in New Brunswick on Thursday and going to Amherst, MA this weekend. Worth the ticket. And there are some BalletTalkers in the company!

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Miami City Ballet has been a regular (and very welcome) visitor to DC for a few years now, not only at the Kennedy Center but at George Mason University, where Villella gives master classes.

The company will be in D.C. at the end of May with the Patineurs program as well as "Jewels." Can't wait :)

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I saw the Miami Ballet last week at C.W.Post College on Long Island. I particularly liked Eric Quillere in "Four Temperaments" (Phlegmatic). We also saw Villela's work in progress -- "Mambo No. 2A.M." It will eventually be a 4-act ballet ab out 4 distinct social periods and the style of dances that signify the age. We saw the 4th act and it was a real crowd pleaser. The wonderful latin rhythms were by Pedro "Cuban Pete" Aguilar. I wonder if this is Villela's answer to "Four Temperaments"?

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