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Promotions and New Dancers for 2015-16 and Dancers Leaving

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Ballet West announced roster its roster changes:

Retiring during the 2014-15 season:

  • Christiana Bennett (Principal) -- after the Almost Tango program this April and Innovations this May
  • Haley Henderson Smith (Principal) -- after Swan Lake in February


  • Emily Adams to Principal
  • Beckanne Sisk to Principal
  • Allison DeBona to First Soloist
  • Sayaka Ohtaki to First Soloist
  • Chase O'Connell to Soloist
  • Jenna Rae Herrera to Demi-Soloist

Joining Ballet West:

  • Chelsea Keefer from Tulsa Ballet
  • Laurel Benson from Ballet West II
  • Oliver Oguma from Ballet West II
  • Anisa Scott from Ballet West II
  • Lucas Horns from Ballet West II

The announcement also notes, "Plans are underway for a special tribute in honor of Ms. Bennett as part of the close of the current season as well as during the 2015-16 season Gala in November."

Full announcement, including Adam Sklute's words about Henderson Smith and Bennett.


Congratulations to all of the promoted and new dancers and best wishes to Bennett and Henderson Smith for their futures :flowers:

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Adams and Sisk were Soloists. Is it common at this company to jump a rank (First Soloist) when promoted?

Congrats to all of them!

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Sklute said,

The dancers promoted have stood out for their consistent excellence with Emily Adams and Beckanne Sisk both showing their absolute readiness to take on Principal positions with the company.

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