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Dear Members,

We are again at the point of needing to cover the costs of running Ballet Alert! and Ballet Talk for Dancers, and we need your help! Your donations are used ONLY to cover the fees to Invisionzone and the cost of the bank account services for allowing credit card donations. In 2014, with your fabulous help, including the help from your purchases on Amazon made by going through our link, we reached goal in record time in well under a month!

The Donation form on the Home Page for credit cards will activate APRIL1. We are asking for $20 donations, but will graciously accept anything that you can do. The fund raiser will end as soon as we reach the goal needed to keep us afloat for a year.

If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to BALLET TALK, and mail to:

11165 Abbotts Station Dr
Johns Creek, GA 30097

Victoria Leigh
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We've gone live with our fundraiser after overcoming a series of obstacles when we found we needed to change payment processors.

We've returned to PayPal, but the good news is that you don't have to have a PayPal account to donate using a credit card. PayPal will capture your credit card information for the transaction only, and if the help desk phone tree for First Data is any indication, First Data will end up doing the underlying processing anyway.

You also will be able to set the amount without having to choose from a small number of preset options. Our suggested donation is $20, but we appreciate any support you give us. If you are an active member of both sites, your donation covers both.

Detailed instructions for credit cards donations are here:


The address to send checks if you choose is here:


We thank you for your support, and we'll close the fundraiser as soon as we reach our target of a year's operating expenses. This year we were lucky that amazon.com commissions were higher-than-expected and that early response via checks was enough to allow us to operate while we figured out and set-up an alternative for credit card processing.

And we thank everyone who supports us by using the amazon.com box on both sites and zazzle on Ballet Talk for Dancers.

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I dumped some $$ there, though, I didn't see that

On the "Review" (second) page, please click the "+" to the left of "Please enter your username" and enter your board name,

Anyway, hope you could get closer to your goal.


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We were able to find you, yudi!

It's a tiny reference on the site. Unfortunately, we can't make UI changes when PayPal hosts payment processing, and they give us only a few options to customize. I would think this would be an important feature, but, alas, no :(

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Bumping again.

First, I'd like to thank the people who have already donated generously :flowers: and the people who support us year round by using the amazon box to make purchases.

We're about at the two-thirds mark and hope to reach our goal soon to be able to put the fundraiser to sleep for another year.

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We are getting very close, within a few hundred dollars of reaching our goal to keep us and BT4D up for another year.

If you've been thinking about donating, we would very much appreciate it if you would do so now, so that we can close it for this year.

Again, we appreciate all of the purchases made through the amazon box at the bottom of each page (if your ad-blocker doesn't suppress it) on which we receive a commission. They are the reason the fundraiser doesn't last three months each year.

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