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The ABC crime drama Forever has filmed a ballet-themed episode titled "Best Foot Forward." It sounds a little Black Swan.

A severed human foot in a ballet shoe is found in a dumpster at a theater and kicks off a search for a killer in the ultra-competitive world of ballet.

The program will air in Canada on Monday, April 6 (CTV) and in the U.S. on Tuesday, April 7.

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Was I the only one who watched this? If you didn't like Black Swan you probably won't like this but I will say that the resolution of the case was an interesting twist. Some of the ballet details were wrong but, considering that this is a procedural with science fiction/supernatural elements and not a documentary, I just rolled with it.

As a procedural, I have to say that the detectives in Forever seemed so amateurish compared to the team on Hawaii Five-0.

For those who care, Irina had a speaking/dancing part and Stephen had a non-speaking part as "Jean". Irina was very believable as the tough-as-nails ballerina!

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