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Washington Post's Article on Paloma Herrera, Julie Kent and Xiomar

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These star ballerinas are retiring — graceful, and grateful, to the last dance
By Sarah Kaufman March 20, 2015


“It wasn’t my choice to retire with ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ ” she says, in the lyrical rhythms of a light Argentine accent. “I don’t feel comfortable with it. . . . I wanted to do something that I’ve done a lot with ABT.

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I'm sure Sarah Kaufman was pleased she got these ballerinas to dish about ABT but the article made me feel terrible for Paloma. As abatt said in another thread, no need for Kevin to bash the woman! And what a terrible way to end a 24 year career - with the AD badmouthing you. I would have preferred Paloma's grievance not be aired publicly and spoil her farewell. On the other hand, I think Reyes has a grievance that is so widely held among higher ranked company members it is worth airing (not dancing enough) because ABT is just going to continue to hemorrhage dancers until they fix that.

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