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Laura Hecquet etoile

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What a lovely video. Thanks for posting that.

Does the dancer really not know it's coming?

She said in today's Le Monde interview that she didn't.

Sometimes, there are leaks and sometimes, there are high probablities like when a dancer is often cast in main roles. Sometimes, it's so well organised that the whole world knows even before it's done biggrin.png

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Yes, I'd think that when they see the director and a microphone, they'd suspect an announcement was imminent. Nowadays the POB also puts a cameraman in the wings to capture the event, which would be another tip-off.

In recent years the dancer being promoted had almost always been paired with an existing étoile. Theoretically, this time the promotion could also have been Audric Bezard's, but they both appeared certain that it was hers.

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