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Boston Ballet


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In reference to the Boston Herald review for " The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Theodore Bale (see links March 30) I could not disagree more adamantly. Although I have personal reasons for being positive I feel Ms. Bale’s opinions to be so opposed to mine which I believe to be educated and well versed in the art of ballet that I felt I must speak out. The work is dark, and very complex. But I feel it is the way of the future in dance. A true theatre piece, taking the dancers beyond being merely dancers to being actors challenged to find roles in all that they do. Dancers desire to think and contribute in unique and special ways; The bottom rung of the corps is required to find a character in this work. Ms. Bale complains that Mr. Thrussell has no choreography! Well for any one who realizes what it takes to execute the intricacy of the choreography this is the ultimate insult. The choreography is detailed, working from dancer to dancer in timing and exactness that a dancer without intense concentration and ability would fail and probably injure themselves if they were not completely focused in the process. On top of that the dancer is constantly required to keep character. Did she suddenly expect the dancer who is portraying a severely disabled and deformed being to suddenly dance in a way opposed to the character being portrayed! It is not a “pretty “ ballet. But for me it was one of the strongest, moving dance works I have had the pleasure of witnessing. Along with the magnificant emotional, and poignant score by Philip Feeney I found the whole evening completely captivating. I will also mention that through most of the evening you could hear a pin drop in the audience they appeared so absorbed by the drama before them. I hope that the Boston public already discounts the local reviewers opinions and will attend this performance to form their own opinion and numerous theatregoers will see a side of ballet and dancers that stretches beyond their previous expectations.For me it was an evening not to be missed.

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Just a short apology for believing Theodore Bales was a female, totally my mistake assuming that another person highly involved in the Boston arts scene named Theodora were one in the same.My opinions are as stated and at least no gender bias or association had any influence in them. But my apologies are authentic and although our viewpoints are so opposed I do respect his right to opinion.

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