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NYCB 5/16

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Nikolaj Hubbe was injured, so Martins' "Jeu de Cartes" was replaced on the program by "Stravinsky Violin Concerto" (w/ Nilas Martins replacing Hubbe). though an incomparably superior work to "Cartes," of course, the last-minute shuffle conspired to make this one of the most ragged performances I've ever seen delivered by a visibly rattled NYCB. Martins appeared to be watching Albert Evans very closely, as though for cues to steps he had forgotten (though in his defense Martins rose to the occasion and did some beautiful stuff). and what's with Monique Meunier? her jumps are awfully low to the ground...

"Morgen" was also on the bill. the second time through (for me) brought out the paucity of its choreographic pallette: it's a ballet made up of men lifting women and spinning slowly in a clockwise direction, like a sink drain. boo again.

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I wonder when Hubbe was injured?? When I saw the NYCB on the 12th, Nikolaj was replaced by Ben Millipied in Zakouski. It seems likely that he has a chronic problem that was aggrivated recently.

I sure hope he has a quick and complete recovery-I'd hoped to see him dance next week.

On a lighter note-I'll be attending ABT next Wed. and NYCB next Wed, Thurs and Fri, and will report in as best I can!


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Martyk, I love your description of Morgan. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful and profound songs of Strauss were also going down the drain. They were clearly intended for background music--no one even thought to include the words. Ives Songs, which are sung in English, for heavens sake, had a handout with the words.

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Thanks, Marty, although no apologies are necessary and I didn't make my post to chide :) It's just that there are people with a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge of ballet who read these boards, and sometimes we feel it's worthwhile to clarify things for that broad audience.

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Guest ballet buff

I saw the show when Violin Concerto replaced Jeu de Cartes, and I thought Monique Meunier's performance was wonderful. From the moment she stepped out on stage, I felt like she captured the audience's attention and kept it until she exited. I love her quality of performance and how she seems to get so involved in the dancing. I'm very happy that she is back and as beautiful as ever.

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