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Fired ABT Head Carpenter Sues the Company

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From yesterday's Links, a story in the NYT about former ABT Head Carpenter, Frank La Mantia, who was fired by ABT and whose lawsuit against ABT was given the green light by Judge Joan M. Kennedy:


The article says that both sides will go to mediation in April.

In her statement, [ABT spokesman] Ms. Ryan suggested that Mr. La Mantia’s claims were not worthy of the courthouse. She noted that Judge Kenney described the evidence as sufficient, “even if marginally,” for the case to move forward. (Ms. Ryan emphasized the word “marginally.”)

I don't know how, if ABT can't prove that it fired him right after the January 21, 2011 outburst, and before he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder within days, the evidence could be described as "marginal." Also, the idea that ABT would demand a guarantee that he would never behave the same way again, when murderers who plead insanity are released into the world when psychiatrists deem them to be no longer a danger as long as they take their meds and where their doctors aren't asked for guarantees, strikes me as ridiculous at best, and a cynical excuse to go through with the firing at worst.

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