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Sunday, March 1

Mme. Hermine

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Rachel Swarns writes for the New York Times on a labor dispute at American Ballet Theatre:


Mr. La Mantia worked backstage for more than two decades at Ballet Theater, earning one promotion after another despite his famously hot temper. In the process, he became the head carpenter and the company became his home away from home, the place where he found some of his closest friends and his sense of identity.

But today, Mr. La Mantia and Ballet Theater are at war. Mr. La Mantia has lost his job, and the bitter dispute over his firing has landed one of the city’s most acclaimed cultural institutions in court.
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A review of Boston Ballet's Lady of the Camellias for Tufts Daily:


The Spring 2015 season of the Boston Ballet opened with a beautiful rendition of “Lady of the Camellias” (John Neumeier’s ballet version premiered in 1979), a devastatingly sad, yet beautifully told, story of forbidden love.
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Oregon Ballet Theater is reviewed in Ben Stevenson's Cinderella:


The fairy tale "Cinderella" is seemingly everywhere these days, turning up on the film screen and the Broadway stage. But for sheer spectacle, it's hard to outdo Oregon Ballet Theatre's new production, which opened a six-performance run Saturday at Keller Auditorium.
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