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In Memory of carbro


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We lost carbro a year ago today. I miss her terribly and think of her often and how much she would have loved (or not) the performances in NYC, the videos, and the films that are discussed here.

Her sister posted today,

"Remembering with gratitude all the love that supported Carley, especially at the end of her too-short life. Celebrate her memory by sharing her appreciation of beauty and commitment to justice."

For anyone who lights Yahrzeit candles, Hebcal translated 25 February 2014 to 25 Adar I 5774, and her Yahrzeit to 15 March (sundown) to 16 March 2015.

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Not to pull the topic away from carbro, but seeing this clip of Concerto Barocco has me remember this particular performance. It has Carla Korbes and Carrie Imler in the 2 violin roles (clearly visible in this clip). Those 2 violins of Bach's are very much in competition, and so should (IMHO) the 2 primary dancers be in competition. No question this occurred that night. Carla and Carrie are 2 of my 3 most admired female dancers at PNB (the other is Leslie Rausch). When Concerto Barocco gets to the part where each of the 2 violins played alone with its associated dancer, the fireworks were astounding. Carla came on and did her magic, then Carrie would do the same....each seemingly (and actually I'd bet) saying to the other: "Let's see you top THAT".

I didn't know carbro, but I surely remember her many posts. She too would have loved that night!!

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Carley is definitely missed by this board. I was recently thinking of a performance I saw and it briefly flashed in my mind, "Carley, remember when we saw...." Oh, right. I miss her enthusiasm and commitment to ballet and the board, as well as her cheerful company.

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Carley's favorite ballet was "Concerto Barocco."

I've found an authorized minute of the last movement with Carla Korbes and Carrie Imler in Francia Russell's staging for Pacific Northwest Ballet from two seasons ago:

And how lovely to see Francia Russell coaching in the "bonus footage!"

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I wish I could have met Carley. She sounds like a wonderful person. And Concerto Barocco was her favorite ballet! How nice to know that because I adore that ballet, too, and will have the pleasure of seeing it May 2 and I will think of you when I am there. Rest in Peace, Carley. Your many ballet friends love you very much, as evidenced by the heartfelt and beautiful posts here.

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I think about her all the time.

I remember seeing a DonQ in New York the same day she was there in which Zakharova managed to kick herself in the back of the head without arching her back, and we both agreed there was NOTHING Spanish about it.... It was just a stunt, and we hated it, and we were friends for life.

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