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Eifman ballet finished European tour and is getting ready for a series


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Eifman ballet finished European tour and is getting ready for a series of performances in St. Petersburg

In March and April Eifman Ballet will give a series of 9 performances at the Alexandrinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg). The following productions to be danced: Anna Karenina (March 2 and 3), Up & Down (March 16 and 17), Rodin (March 18), Beyond Sin (March 23), Requiem (24 March) and Onegin (April 6 and 7). For the first time in recent years the Company within a series of performances will present virtually its entire current repertory.

Each of the ballets comprising the spring series enjoys the well-deserved love and rather popular among the audience, but, of course, special attention will be focused on the performance of the new ballet by Boris Eifman Up & Down. The first night of this work took place in St. Petersburg on January 27 and 28, 2015, and due to high excitement not everyone could see it at that period of time.

This ballet triumphed among the St. Petersburg lovers of the art of dance. Later Up & Down was highly appreciated by the foreign audience. Its European premiere was held on February 9, 10 and 11 at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris. The French spectators gave a standing ovation to the Petersburg dancers and the famous ballet resource Dansomanie said about it: “What a magnificent performance and outstanding dancers (what lifts!)”. The performance received high praise of the authoritative newspaper Le Figaro. “Dance is a jewel, expressive and delicate, playing with the classics and Charleston; artists are handsome, beautiful and well-proportional like supermodels ...” – writes dance critic of Ariane Bavelier about Eifman's new ballet.

Nice French audience was not weary in sharing their enthusiastic impressions about the performance via the Internet: “Amazing!”, “Brilliant!”, “Bravo, Eifman!” – such comments were left by lovers of the art of dance on the official Companys Facebook page.

In mid-February Up & Down was premiered in Bratislava not less successfully. Over the past six months the Company was performing in the capital of Slovakia for the second time, and again the audience of Bratislava showed respect to the Eifman Ballet, honouring choreographer and his dancers with the standing ovation.

Between the series of March performances to be held in St. Petersburg the Company will continue touring. For instance, Eifman Ballet will present Rodin on March 7 at the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian audience will see the ballet devoted to the life and work of great French sculptor for the first time. On March 9 and 10 the Company will premiere Up & Down in Riga.

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