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Were the fairy variations incorporated into Aurora's dancing?


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I recently read somewhere that Marius Petipa intentionally included steps from each of the 6 fairy variations:

  1. Candide
  2. Coulante
  3. Miettes qui Tombent
  4. Canari qui Chante
  5. Violente
  6. Lilas

in Aurora's dancing. This was meant to convey the idea that the gifts of character and virtue given by the fairies became part of Aurora. After review I believe this to be true. Although not identical, some form of each fairy's variation shows up in Aurora's 1st, 2nd or 3rd act variation or coda in a way that can be matched to the source. (Example, The finger variation's use of pricipite is repeated by Aurora with her partner in the 3rd act coda). Can anyone confirm this? Are there any historical references to this? I can't find the article where I read this originally.

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