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Tight tubes - where to get them?

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It seems that every dancer wears tight tubes when they practice. Here are 2 examples:

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwDse2ql-74

(at 8:50) - Maximova - she seems to just wear 2 tubes that start from ankles to hips; Vasiliev - he seems to wear a pair of tubes also.


(at 0:50)

Sara Mearns - she wraps a plastic film underneath the tube on her lower leg

I am curious what these tubes are called. Where could you buy them? If I know the right name, I guess I can Google and I may find them at Amazon. But, I don't know what the name is.

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It looks like they are wearing leg warmers. They can be worn over the entire leg, just above the knee, or scrunched down around the ankles, which was a very popular look in the early aerobics phase. Some examples:


amazon sells a lot of different styles and patterns, and you can usually get them at most dance shops. Capezio, for example, carries them:


There are usually a few knitters in ballet companies: your local company may have a dancer who makes them custom.

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