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Marguerite & Armand - Fonteyn & Nureyev

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Marguerite & Armand was part of I AM A DANCER (see NYPL listing):

I am a dancer / E.M.I. Film Productions ; produced in association with the O.R.T.F. ; produced by Evdoros Demetriou ; directed by Pierre Jourdan.
Imprint : Los Angeles, Calif. : Lumiere, Republic Pictures, 1972.
Notes : Executive in charge of production, John L. Hargreaves ; narration written by John Percival ; set designer, Sydney Beytex.
: Performed by Rudolf Nureyev, Margot Fonteyn, Carla Fracci, Lynn Seymour, and Deanne Bergsma, with brief appearances by Frederick Ashton, Hector Zaraspe, Glen Tetley, and Elsa Marianne von Rosen.
: Narrator: Bryan Forbes.
: Film focus is on Rudolf Nureyev: in performance, in rehearsal, preparing for performance, and in class.
: Nureyev in class taught by Hector Zaraspe. Nureyev with Elsa Marianne von Rosen rehearsing corps for La sylphide. Carla Fracci and Nureyev performing in excerpt from Act II of Bournonville's La sylphide (revival by Elsa Marianne von Rosen; music: Hermann Lowenskjold; costumes: Michel Fresnay). Deanne Bergsma and Nureyev in rehearsal, under Glen Tetley's direction, of excerpts from Tetley's Field figures (music: Karlheinz Stockhausen). Margot Fonteyn and Nureyev in rehearsal for Frederick Ashton's Marguerite and Armand. Shots of Ashton commenting upon his ballet. Complete performance of Marguerite and Armand (music: Franz Liszt; costumes: Cecil Beaton) with Fonteyn, Nureyev, Michael Somes as the father, and Leslie Edwards as the Duke. Lynn Seymour and Nureyev in excerpts from Act III of Petipa's Sleeping beauty (music: Tchaikovsky ; decor: Geoffrey Guy). Nureyev is seen under the closing credits performing a manège from Act II of Sleeping beauty.
i know it was released on videocassette, don't know about DVD.
it was also shot for Magic of the Dance but we know that series didn't get a commercial release in home format video.
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then you likely mean the version filmed for The Magic of the Dance as follows:

The magic of dance, part VI / BBC-TV production in association with Time-Life TV and RM Productions, Munich ; producer, Patricia Foy.
Imprint : U.K. : British Broadcasting Corporation, c1979.
Notes : Part VI: Out in the limelight, home in the rain.
: Narrator/host: Margot Fonteyn.
: Historical consultant, Ivor Guest.
: Fonteyn in the lighting booth of Covent Garden Theatre discussing her career -- Salut d'amour à Margot Fonteyn (7 min.) / choreography, Frederick Ashton ; music, Edward Elgar ; performed by Margot Fonteyn and Ashton at the gala celebrating Fonteyn's 60th birthday in May 1979. Also includes the evening's final curtain call showing Ninette De Valois and Marie Rambert -- Young children of the Royal Ballet School performing short dances -- Royal Ballet company class taught by Terry Westmoreland (6 min.) -- Rehearsal onstage with Michael Somes leading the members of the Royal Ballet -- Ronald Emblen discussing and demonstrating stage make-up for the role of Dr. Coppélius (5 min.) -- Marguerite and Armand (31 min.) / choreography, Ashton ; music, Franz Liszt ; scenery and costumes, Cecil Beaton ; performed by Margot Fonteyn (Marguerite), Rudolf Nureyev (Armand), Michael Somes (Armand's father), Leslie Edwards, and members of the Royal Ballet.
alas these have not be commercially released on either videocassette or dvd.
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then you likely mean the version filmed for The Magic of the Dance as follows:


alas these have not be commercially released on either videocassette or dvd.

That was such a great series, with all kinds of material that's extremely hard to find in other sources. I know there are rights issues up one side and down the other, but if I had a magic wand, this is one project I'd wave it over.

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