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Julian MacKay


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I think Julian MacKay now warrants a topic of his own.

With two older sisters on the ballerina track, MacKay was inspired especially by Brooklyn Mack's performance in "Le Corsaire." He was invited to study at the Bolshoi Academy when he was 11 after competing in the junior division at YAGP, and he's had training there comparable to his Russian peers and will be the first American to graduate with a full diploma. He won the gold medal for junior men at IBC Istanbul and the bronze medal at the the 2012 Yuri Grigorovitch Ballet Competition.

His older sister, Maria Sascha Khan, just tweeted:

#JulianMacKay only #American prize winner at the #PrixdeLausanne 2015! #BolshoiBallet Academy

Congratulations to him :flowers:

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