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Alban Lendorf interviewed - again

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The front page of today's issue of "Jyllands Posten" (one of the biggest Danish newspapers) was adorned bya large portrait of Alban Lendorf, announcing an 8 pages long interview with the young dancer under the title "Worldclass Balletsteps" (my translation) inside the newspaper,

The interviewer Isabella Alonso de Vera Hindkjær has followed Lendorf during a period, where he was, among other things, a guest dancer with the English National Ballet.

An ultra short summary (my translations)":

The portrait/interview doesn't reveal much new stuff, but to new comers to ballet I'm sure it gives a very good insight into the life and psyche of a top dancer, who has to be at his very best all the time, and who's body already at 25 starts aching and reminding him about the mercilessness of ageing - "a strange thing to worry about when I am only 25" he says, "but it is a world where one is out of business at the age of 40" and with one of his typical split second switches of mood he continues with a laughter "Then you are nothing anymore". Like other dancers at his age he is eager to make the most of it and not to miss anything.

Also he talks about, how, as a dancer, confronted with his own reflection in the mirror every day, he scrutinizes himself and finds faults all the time, no matter how much praise he gets - "It is lost on you", as he says. But at the same time he admits that he, like all artists, thrives on being loved by the audience: "You want people to like you".

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