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NYCB 2/21/2002


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On Thursday night NYCB did Swan Lake, Episodes and Prodigal Son. A program I was not thrilled to have on our subscription, except for Episodes.

The major redeaming feature of Swan Lake for me was that Maria Kowrowski danced Odette. I thought she was fantastic, very daring. Holding onto air at times. Unbelievable balance and extensions. My wife and some folks seating near us felt she was too cold in the part. I felt that she was just so exciting to watch and I am not a big time lover of emotional performances or ballets for that matter anyway. Did anyone else catch the performance, if so what did you think?

Episodes was very well danced IMVHO. I thought Kathleen Tracey seemed much stronger than I recall seeing her. Does anyone think that not having her sister around to be compared to has helped bring her out more? It seemed that way, but this was only one performance. Her dancing with Neal was outstanding. Alexopoulos was very precise dancing with Fayette. Somogyi and Evans were a wonderful partnering, they should dance together more often. Kowroski and Askegard were also dancing well, what legs on that beauty - they go on forever and then some. I hadn't seen Episodes in many years and it was a real treat. The music is just amazing as is the choreography to it. It very much elicits the music without being slavish to it. The Webern music takes a bit to get used to but after the first few seconds to get used to it after listening to Tschaikovsky, it become quite magical. I really love his black and white ballets. The are the essence of ballet to me. If I want to see acting I'll go to the movies or theater.

Prodigal son was prodigal son. Woetzel was his usual wonderful self as was Helene Alexopoulos. Another ballet I could miss although the dancing was superb. My favorite in the Siren role was Karen Von Aroldingen. I think she brought out much more sex and danger than anyone else that I have seen. Darcy also could vamp it up pretty well. I think Helene is more nuanced and not as playful in the role.

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