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Feliz Nochebuena..Feliz Navidad!

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Tonight is the biggest celebration of the Cuban family's Christmas. It is "La Nochebuena", a wonderful family gathering in anticipation of tomorrow's celebration. My grandmother used to tell me all about this huge party, where everyone would get together for big meals made of pork, rice and beans and yuca, and champagne flowing freely...even for the little ones. At midnight the whole town would gather in the church, where "la misa de gallo"-(the roster's mass)-used to take place. A time gone by...

FELIZ NOCHEBUENA! and that all the wonderful feeling of Christmas permeates your homes and families.

"Unos Pastores", Cantata de Navidad by Esteban Salas .Cuban baroque Christmas, 1793

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Féliz Navidad, Cristian, and thank for sharing your thoughts and memories of 'La Nochebuena' and this gorgeous music. I am of Italian descent and our Christmas Eve celebrations were so beautiful and loving. A time gone by, indeed......

Felice Anno Nuovo and may 2015 bring you and everyone at Ballet Alert all good things. And many great ballet joys!


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