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Fashion Week Leaving Lincoln Center


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If I'm following this correctly, the City contracted with Lincoln Center to control use of Damrosch Park and collect rental fees, primarily from Fashion Week and Big Apple Circus, which legally belongsto the City and which the City cannot relinquish/assign. As a result, the park will be mainly accessible to the public again, with a limited number of private events whose fees will go to the City. LC will have to find $32m a year from other sources.

Was this agreement created to help the big LC upgrade?

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I've read articles in the paper saying that a lot of designers were unhappy with the Lincoln Center set up anyway, and they were already opting out of going to Lincoln Center even before this settlement. Thus, a number of prominent designers have already left the Lincoln Center venue and hold their own shows in alternate locations. (Most powerful among them is Diane Von Furstenberg, who has been very critical of the Lincoln Center set up .)

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They obviously were planning to stay despite the difficulties, until the lawsuit. Unless they had a contract with LC from which they couldn't pull out without the judges' ruling, they thought the trade-offs, despite the complaints and defections, were worth it.

Nonetheless, it is a very different animal to put on an event in a familiar venue than to re-create it in a new one.

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