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Tiit Helimets Graduates from Saint Mary's College

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St. Mary's in LA has done a great job developing programs for "adult learners" who can only attend class on weekends or are trying to finish a degree with credits collected elsewhere. This program for dancers is in that vein. The common core looks like the kind of General Education package you'd see at most colleges nowadays. I see they will also give you academic credit for courses you test out of in dance, which is somewhat like the credit sometimes given in adult programs for work experiences. The use of "cohorts" you stay with through the program is another good technique you see in these adult programs, to give them the sense of community they miss by not being traditional day students. The availability of some on-line courses is also becoming common nationwide.

I thought it was interesting that they're getting a BA with a major in performing arts, not a BFA. That will give the dancers more flexibility to go on for an MA program in many fields. If they go on for an MA in Teaching or an MFA in dance, they could qualify for post-secondary teaching at community colleges and most 4-year schools in full-time positions.

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