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Mikhailovsky at the Mikhailovsky

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Dec. 10 The Sleeping Beauty

Dec. 12 The Sleeping Beauty

Dec. 13 Cipollino

Dec. 14 Cipollino (two performances)

Dec. 17 Cipollino

Dec. 18 The Nutcracker

Dec. 20 The Nutcracker (two performances)

Dec. 24 The Nutcracker

Dec. 27 The Nutcracker (two performances)

Dec. 30 The Nutcracker

Jan. 18 The Nutcracker (two performances)

Jan. 21 The Nutcracker

Jan. 23 The Nutcracker

Jan. 24 The Nutcracker

Jan. 25 The Nutcracker (two performances)

Jan. 28 Giselle

Jan. 29 Giselle

Jan. 31 Giselle

Feb. 04 The Flames of Paris

Feb. 05 The Flames of Paris

Feb. 06 The Flames of Paris

Feb. 08 Cipollino (two performances)

Feb. 12 La Bayadere

Feb. 13 La Bayadere

Feb. 15 La Bayadere

Feb. 19 Don Quixote

Feb. 20 Don Quixote

Feb. 22 Don Quixote

Feb. 23 Le Halte de Cavalerie. Class concert. White Darkness

Feb. 27 Na Floresta. Nunc Dimittis. Prelude

Feb. 28 Na Floresta. Nunc Dimittis. Prelude (two performances)

Mar. 01 Na Floresta. Nunc Dimittis. Prelude

Mar. 04 La Fille mal gardee

Mar. 05 La Fille mal gardee

Mar. 06 La Fille mal gardee

Mar. 08 Swan Lake

Mar. 09 Swan Lake

Mar. 14 Cipollino

Mar. 15 Cipollino (two performances)

Mar. 18 Romeo & Juliet

Mar. 19 Romeo & Juliet

Mar. 20 Romeo & Juliet

Mar. 21 Romeo & Juliet

Mar. 25 The Sleeping Beauty

Mar. 26 The Sleeping Beauty

Mar. 27 The Sleeping Beauty

Mar. 29 The Sleeping Beauty

Apr. 01 Don Quixote

Apr. 03 Don Quixote

Apr. 04 Don Quixote

Apr. 08 Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness

Apr. 09 Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness

Apr. 10 Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness

Apr. 12 Giselle (two performances)

Apr. 15 Swan Lake

Apr. 16 Swan Lake

Apr. 18 Swan Lake (two performances)

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I went to St Petersburg late April to see a few performances, Bolshoi's Taming, Mikhailovsky's La Fille Mal Gardee, Mariinsky's Ballet Russes program and Vishneva's 20th anniversary Giselle. All performances were enjoyable, but the one made me smile most was Fille at Mikhailovsky.

La Fille Mal Gardee is a new repertoire to the company so of course the dancers are not accustomed to the Ashton style but the performance was so cheerful, loved the chickens, and above all, Anastasia Soboleva and Victor Lebedev were both brilliant, so sunny and delightful, light as air leaps. Soboleva's strong pointe and musicality, Lebedev's virtuosity and beautiful classical technique. Both wonderful and their partnership was amazing, they are so good together and the audience were very enthusiastic. The performance made me cry with such happiness and joy filling the stage.

Here is the curtain call video I took.


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Ekaterina Borchenko received the reward “Soul of the dance” in the nominee “Star” from the magazine “Ballet”. Our warmest congratulations and all the very best!

Very nice news--congratulations to Ekaterina Borchenko.

My impression from the Mikhailovsky website is, like that of Naomikage, that Irina Perren is once again dancing with the company--so her dismissal was, so to speak, reversed...I hope that's right.

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April at the Mik... Highlights include Swan Lake with Borchenko and Lebedev, also with Soboleva and Ivan Mikhalyov from Stanislavsky... La Bayadere with Borchenko and Vasiliev, La fille male gardee with Vorontsova, Zaytsev and Tsiskaridze, also Don Quixote with Vorontsova and Vasiliev... Also ballets choreographed by Ivan Vasiliev himself at the Hermitage theatre.


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