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ABT season recap

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NO7, I'm stealing your good idea :)

NO7 did an end of season wrap up on the Kirov Fokine Programme thread (it's several posts down, not her first one) where she listed her "bests" of the season.

Could we have the same thing for ABT (and I'm going to put up the same thing for NYCB). If anyone in another city would like to do the same thing for the home company there, please do so. I'm only picking New York because we've had so many posts already on ABT and NYCB.

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Here are my best of ABT's just completed season at the Met:

1. This is the season I discovered just what an amazing dancer Irina Dvorovenko - she was especially wonderful in "Onegin" and "Swan Lake". And her partners in both ballets were spectacular as well - Graffin in

"Onegin" and her husband in "Swan Lake". ( I can never spell Maxim's last name without looking at a program.)

2. Julie Kent and Jose Manuel Carreno in "Giselle".

3. Angel Corella in "Don Quixote". And Gillian Murphy made a very promising debut in that "Don Quixote".

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Well, we all know what a NYCB devotee I am, but I actually found something I could love at NYCB. I, too, discovered Irina Dvorovenko. Even from an Orchestra seat in the last row and in the corner, I was thrilled by Dvorovenko. She had mastery of both the character and the technique. While I'm not into pyrotechnics, I was amazed at her fouettes. She had the speed of a Balanchine dancer ;-).

I really appreciated how easy it all seemed and how much fun she seemed to be having with it. Nothing knocks you out of the moment more (or, at least, knocks me out of the moment) than when someone looks like they're working hard and unhappy to be up there.

I was more impressed by Piccone than Dvorovenko's hubbie (I can't spell his last name either). And, also by the passion of the Cornejos.


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