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ABT "Giselle," Sat. mat:Tuttle/Corella

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Won't someone given an impression of Tuttle's and Corella's Giselle?

In the abstract, I can imagine them as kind of an odd couple in these roles, particularly Corella whom I can imagine as not having the weight for his role -- but on the other hand, his boyishness might work very well in portraying the tragic naivete of his actions.

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Well, since no one else volunteered....I thought both of them gave very solid, thoughtful performances and both danced very well, especially in Act II. Corella had much more weight than he did in "Swan Lake," and seemed to be consciously trying to both look and act mature. The jumps were beautiful. Tuttle was as light as one could wish. What was nice about both Kent and Tuttle is that neither was doing a Makarova imitation, something that plagued Giselles in this company for years.

The Myrthe, Stella Abrera, was magnificent, I thought: light AND strong, very authoritative, extraordinary performance for a young dancer and I want to see more of her.

I'll write more later when I'm back from today's matinee.

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