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ABT in Seattle

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I've been lucky enough to go to the first two shows, I'm planning on going to a couple more so i'm trying to contain myself until it's all over.

On Wednesday night Julie Kent and Angel Corella danced with Gillian Murphy as Myrta. While Kent and Corella met all expectations (although Corella seemed a bit overdramatic at times) I was rather dissapointed in Gillian Murphy's performance. Going back and reading a past thread on her performance I have to agree about her lack of jump and also her lack of coldness in the role. I very much enjoyed Xiomara Reyes and Herman Cornejo in the peasant pas de deux, if for nothing else her smile would have made the night.

Tonight (Thursday) Paloma Herrera and Ethan Stiefel danced along with Stella Abrera as Myrtra. Stiefel was dissapointing in performance, not anywhere near what I was expecting. He was quite bland actually, especially after seeing Corella's Albrecht the night before. I was, however, pleasently surprised at Paloma Herrera's performance. In the past when I had seen her I wanted to slap her wrists over and over until she straightened them, tonight they seemed to be in control. And, although her arms during turns still seem weak, her mad scene was more believable IMO than Julie Kent's.

My highlight of the evening was Stella Abrea's performance of Myrta. She really created the illusion of a floating death-maiden. She was seamless and cold at the same time.

As far as the corps goes, well, they seemed a bit sloppy (wavering back arms, lines not matching up). I know that they were using a new conductor and where having tempo issues at the dress rehersal, but I can't imagine that it would cause the corps to be off that much.

If I go to any more shows I will report on those also.

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