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Vito Mazzeo and the Dutch National Ballet Italian Tour


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Thanks Balletgoal. There is some info about the program under "Who are you bring­ing over with you and what will they dance?"

I am bring­ing two ladies who are cur­rently my part­ners here in Ams­ter­dam: Igone de Jongh — the Muse of Van Manen — will dance Replay with me with cho­reo­graphy by my Dir­ector Ted Brand­sen which was espe­cially cre­ated for Igone and me. It was the first time work­ing on a new piece with Ted and Igone but it worked out very well and we had a lot of fun doing it. I have a very strong con­nec­tion with Igone and, in terms of our bod­ies, we are very sim­ilar. She will also dance a piece by Hans Van Manen.

Vic­toria Anan­yan is my second part­ner, who has a crazy per­son­al­ity which is very close to my soul. She is very fem­in­ine and sen­sual and so we will dance one of the pieces I love the most: Fokine’s Sheherazade.

Went­ing Guan and James Stout are two beau­ti­ful Soloists who are mak­ing their début in Swan Lake just before the per­form­ance at Teatro Salieri, and the final two are the couple from the La Scala Bal­let School who are beau­ti­ful, young and fresh, and make me remem­ber when I was in their place going around Italy with my dear friend Mara Galeazzi.

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